who am i?

Hello and welcome!

My name is Joshua Stout and I am the founder of Makeshift Mammoth.

I have been obsessed with vibrant color and art ever since my Mom taught me how to draw Woody Woodpecker as a child.

I have painted a multitude of murals, created social media content, and designed apparel for clothing companies. Additionally, I have shown my work at various galleries, collaborated with other makers on interactive art installations, and painted countless portrait commissions. In 2017, I curated and managed the light-based interactive sculptures as well as the kick-off parade for BLINK Cincinnati.

I started Makeshift Mammoth to spread creative place-making. To hopefully inspire those that come into contact with the art the way my Mom and Woody inspired me.

As a maker I pride myself on my work ethic, honesty, creativity, strategic thinking, and shear grit.

I want to help you transform your neighborhood, office, home, or brand. Let’s have a conversation and see how Makeshift Mammoth can creatively impact your ideas.